InterCHARM Mentorship

InterCHARM Mentorship is a special educational program for beauty industry graduates.

The program is developed for training centers and universities located and registered in Russia that have a valid license for educational activities on retraining and advanced training programs in "Cosmetology" in the amount of 576 and / or 144 hours. Graduates and students of authorized educational institutions and centers have an oportunity to take part in the extended program of visiting INTERCHARM shows.

Authorization of training centers and universities is free of charge.

Graduates and students will be able to take part in a group specialized tour around the exhibition. During the tour, under the guidance of an industry expert, the participants will meet with the main Russian and International companies presented on the market, learn more about the variety of cosmetics and injection products. Participants will also get acquainted with the latest trends in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, new techniques and treatments.

Organiser: INTERCHARM Professional (Reed Exhibitions Russia)

To learn more about the program, its conditions and get the list of accredited centers and universities, please contact us:


* By the number of participants among exhibitions of a similar profile